About Nurtured 9

Nurtured 9 is a shop featuring expertly curated luxurious, natural, and non-toxic maternity essentials for a more comfortable, soothing, and all-around happier pregnancy. We’ve weeded out everything you don’t need, focusing only on the most amazing maternity products across beauty, mind, and body.

You can shop with confidence knowing that everything you buy from our online marketplace is healthy, effective, and recommended by other moms-to-be. Nurtured 9 pregnancy products and maternity gifts are shipped directly from us (in Boston, MA and Tucson, AZ) to your door.

In addition to our shop, Nurtured 9 is also a home for feel-good pregnancy self-care tips in Remedies & Rituals and pregnancy-safe product reviews in our Top 3’s.

our history


We are Lindsey and Lauryn, co-founders of Nurtured 9 and best friends since grade school. Growing from volleyball uniforms to belly bands and nursing tanks presented a whole new life phase to talk over as we navigated the throes of pregnancy and early motherhood.

While we were pregnant, what we found--or didn’t find!--in our fury of Googling mom blogs and websites, was a go-to shop or resource that addresses common pregnancy stressors with soothing remedies, relaxing rituals, and luxurious natural products that actually work. While there are a zillion resources that focus on decoding what is best for baby, we couldn’t find a home for the needs and comfort of the mom-to-be before baby arrives. 

We wanted to build a site dedicated to pregnancy that would help other moms-to-be focus less on ingredient research and stressful trial and error, and more on self-love and self-care. We wanted to simplify and elevate your nine months. And so, Nurtured 9 was born.


We think pregnancy is the exact time for women to prioritize self-care, inside and out, so that you will develop uplifting habits that will carry into new motherhood (a time when it becomes all too easy to look after everyone else except you). After all, in taking the best care of yourself now, you’re taking the best care of that beautiful baby growing inside of you, too. 

Welcome! And congratulations. You will be an amazing mom.