How to Look Extra Radiant this Holiday Season

Our resident hair & makeup expert morgan blaul reveals her go-to holiday look!


Attending a holiday party without a glass of bubbles is hard enough, never mind when you’re not necessarily feeling like your fresh, peppy self. Nurtured 9’s resident hair and makeup expert, Morgan Blaul, is here to help us expectant moms look like a million bucks even when we may not be feeling it. Party on!

meet our resident expert:

Morgan Blaul, Celebrity Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

Nurtured 9: What is trending right now for holiday makeup that will make us feel (and look!) pulled together and radiant? Preferably something simple and quick that we non-experts can handle!

Selfie of Maxie Green. Makeup Artist: Morgan Blaul; Photographer: Lydia Hudgens; Stylist: Liz Teich.

Selfie of Maxie Green. Makeup Artist: Morgan Blaul; Photographer: Lydia Hudgens; Stylist: Liz Teich.

Morgan Blaul: Holiday, or no holiday, a bold lip is a surefire way to pull any look together. A simple, clean, natural face with a bright lip, whichever color you fancy, will stand out and be noticed. You can never go wrong with red, especially during the holidays - it’s classic. However, this season I’m leaning towards the deep pinks: Berry, Rosewood, Old Mauve, Pale Ruby.

Nurtured 9: What do you look for in a lipstick as far as texture and sheen? Do you have any tips about which tone is best for which complexion? 

Morgan Blaul: As an expecting mother myself I prefer a texture that is hydrating. With the season’s change I’m in full hydration mode and I cannot get enough moisturizer. As far as sheen goes, I search for the perfect balance between matte and hydrated. High gloss is always an option, but keep in mind that high gloss and bold can require a bit more maintenance and care.

A dash of warmth always works best. When choosing the right color lip you always want to take into consideration skin tone, but more importantly you need to factor in your natural lip color, which plays a huge factor in choosing the perfect color. Example: I have a client that has blue undertones so she can’t wear any cool tones because they tend to appear blue/purple. Don’t be afraid to try on a few options and have fun!

Nurtured 9: Most importantly, what is the trick to keeping it looking fresh…how can we avoid the smudging, or worse, the dreaded lip liner look when the color wears off?

Morgan Blaul: A little maintenance is necessary to maintain a fresh look. You must reapply and be conscientious. As far as tips; applying and blending concealer around the entire lip will help to prevent bleeding. Use a lip liner to fill in the entire lip, the liner will act as a stain. Then apply your lip stick. This will prevent the dreaded lip liner look. If you are a low maintenance mama, you can apply lip liner over the entire lip and use a gloss. This will give you a long lasting color with little maintenance.

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More about our expert:

Morgan Blaul, celebrity hair stylist and makeup artist, is an expectant mom and now Nurtured 9’s resident hair and makeup artist. Lucky us! Morgan is as much a Nurtured 9 customer as she is part of the family; Morgan recently got married in September and is expecting her baby, April, 11th 2019. With baby on the brain and following in the footsteps of her own mother, who has used the realm of natural health as a means to successfully combat rheumatoid arthritis, she is using this time to rethink her beauty routine and find products that can compete with her photo-ready go-tos. We Nurtured 9 readers are in the hands of the very best: Morgan has spent the past 15 years working in T.V., Print and Commercial Advertising, including clients like Reebok and Puma as well as a more recent move to NYC to work with Cat Greenleaf, the host of Talk Stoop. Despite her glamorous job, like us, she tries to use clean products in her personal beauty routine, while realizing that just making small adjustments and smart swaps is grounds for applause. 

We will check in with Morgan often to vet some of our favorite, pregnancy safe non-toxic beauty finds and show us how to best utilize our new makeup bag!

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