One Tweak to Look Extra Flirty this Valentine’s Day

Our resident hair and makeup expert Morgan Blaul gives us the skinny on luscious lashes for Valentine’s Day


As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, some may feel the need or desire to add a little extra something to our evening makeup routines that will leave you feeling extra special. The perfect way to accomplish this is by beefing up our lashes for long, flirty peepers. We tend to go a bit heavier with our makeup, especially eye makeup, for special occasions and evenings out. No matter your makeup preference, simply adding a false lash boosts your look to the next level. Plus, it’s easier than you think. Our resident hair & makeup artist Morgan Blaul tells us how to flawlessly add false lashes. 

Morgan: First things first, you can purchase your lash and glue at most pharmacies, beauty supply stores, Sephora, Target, even Amazon! I suggest a lash strip vs. individual clusters when applying yourself. 


Ardell is a great, affordable one-time use brand that is easy to find at the stores above. Choose your style. I like; wispies, demi-wispies, 110’s, 53’s, and babies. This is a personal preference so you choose what’s best for you. You might want to grab an extra set just to have. For adhesive, your standard DUO glue often found alongside Ardell is pregnancy-safe! 


  • small plate for glue

  • q-tip

  • tweezers

  • small scissors

  • makeup bag


  1. Place a dime size amount of glue on the small plate. Allow 5-10 minutes for the glue to get tacky.

  2. Apply makeup, but wait on applying mascara. TIP: Applying liner to the upper water line will lengthen the appearance of your lashes. You can also apply liner into the upper lash line, which will help connect lashes.

  3. Size up falsies. Place lash on eye to see how it fits. Feel free to cut lash to fit your eye size/shape. I prefer to cut from outer end if needed. TIP: Halving the lash and applying only to the ends will make the application easier.

  4. When ready, use your q-tip to apply glue to the lash. Be sure to not over glue - it can get messy. And don't under glue - you want it to stick. Place your lash where desired; try to get as close to lash line as possible. Use your tweezers to adjust. Allow 5 minutes to dry.

  5. If needed, you can add liner to fill in any space between your lash and false lashes. 

  6. Apply mascara. Blend your natural lash into the false lashes. 

  7. Have fun!

Lauryn MandrykComment